Friday, October 26, 2007

Hotel 1

There are few crucial dudes I've had the pleasure
of meeting this year, and two of them are Aaron Petrovich and Alex Rose, proprietors of the Hotel St. Georges Press. Legend has it that the hotel is a literary and arts quarterly of magnanimous fortitude. Others say its a gift shop
The Musical Illusionist is Alex's debut, a journey through a repository of esoteric myths and false wonderments. Years later, when this book is discovered by the neohumans in an excavated book shop, Alex's fabrications will be taken as truths.

Aaron, who works over at the incredible Akashic Books, should be famous in France. If he's not already, he will be soon. A two person dialogue, The Session is more Beckett than Beckett, and when performing a reading of the Session, Aaron will perform both characters for you with a wide-eyed fury, which makes you fear him,but love him because it's genius.

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