Sunday, October 10, 2010

Im Not A Witch

Its been...a while.

I've lost a some things these past few months.
My partner & love.
My home.

My ability run without coughing.

Some people I like died.

Michael Gizzi ("May you keep this memory, the one you’ll never see.")
Tony Curtis
Arthur Penn

It was an endless summer

But I did gain some hair, pack-a-day habit, a new apartment, poems.

Horseless Press is going to put out a collection of my poems called THE CONSTITUTION.

I've never been able to commit to a sustained thought in words before. Not well anyhow. THE CONSTITUTION was meant to begin from a source poem and everything thereafter would be an amendment to that original idea, turning over and over. Its also an examination of a moral constitution, what it is to have one, what mine is. I'm excited about these poems.

Horseless recently put out a book by Jennifer Denrow. You should get that here. Murphy Brown makes an appearance. The next book by Brave Men comes in a few weeks from Jen and it is just astounding. She's got a big diction.

Excited too Greying Ghost will be pamphletting a poem of mine called YOU ARE ON FIRED. (I dont mean these announcements as a gloat but a repeat to convince myself I still have a shadow. Like shadowboxing.) Sam Starkweather has some new SELF HELP POEMS, some of which you can see here

and here

The perfect drug is one you only experience once, and the rest of your life is spent chasing that feeling. After McCain’s concession speech I didn’t think I could get any higher. But when he was standing in front of 100,000 people talking about the transitive properties of hope, it felt like I was at a once-in-a-lifetime rock concert. The movie we had all been waiting for was finally before us and impossibly, was better than we imagined, and with each newly delivered line, it kept getting better. There, sitting in my car in the dark, listening to that voice coming from the radio, I achieved absolute belief, and it had nothing to do with politics or humanity or any of that shit, it was simply the fact that language did this.

Sam also runs BIRDS LLC who're putting out some good books together.

Either Way I'm Celebrating
Poems and Comics by Sommer Browning
The Kings of the F**king Sea
Poems by Dan Boehl, Images by Jonathan Marshall
Goat in the Snow
Poems by Emily Pettit

I joined Twitter, to kill time, but mainly just to read Vag Talk ("Just discovered the woman-centric channel OXYGEN. It's all of the content of Ass Sluts 5, minus the sex." )

I was lucky to be part of some nice readings this summer with Janaka Stucky, Julie Doxsee, Josh Harmon, Emily Pettit, Dottie Lasky & Sarah Goldstein. That felt good. That was my vacation. I didnt take pictures, but thank you to them for letting me play.

I'm reading NOV 3rd in Northampton with Elaine Kahn. Its at the Green Steet Cafe, which is a nice place. They comp you food and drink if you read, for each reader, as well as plus one. If you'd like to be my plus one please wheeze at me.

A lot of things in the Northampton area. Song Cave has put out new chapbooks by Macgregor Card, CD Wright, and Geoffrey G Obrien. Also Sea Ranch.

Zach Savich has new collection of poems from Colorado University Press, which was much better than I anticipated. Plus the cover is pretty. Rachel Glaser & Mike Young both have books out from Publishing Genius. There' s a great new record store. And there's this place.

The next Deep Moat Reading Series will be on NOV 20th, featuring Jeremy Sigler, Damon Krukowski (!) and Alex Phillips.

This is a lot. I wish I could remember more about myself.

Pieces of a poem by CS Ward. I like its patience.

And I am bad at naming
But, every so often

I am given a green grace
Like rusty books burning

Smells coming over the mountains
And then I can just listen

To small wings
I normally wouldn't hear

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congrats again,, I admire your work and career, or whatever it is. nice job.