Friday, May 14, 2010

Have you read The Black Eye? If you have, would you mind sharing your thoughts on Good Reads?


I've got some books to read.

Nate Pritts * Unrequited Sonnets :Bird to Feather (self released chapbook, 2010) -
Written in one day November 2009

"It's Novemeber, it's Syracuse.
It's Dear Hearther: Hello. You'r in Chicago. Phillip Sydney
is dead & I'm lonley without you. Matt is lonely since
his foot broke loose. He is filled with phlox. He is howling
for his foot. Gabi is lonely. Gina is in Saginaw. Annie
is in Tucson & Matt's on narcotics in Cinncinat. I'll show you
I'm better. Dear Feather: I'm thinking about words.

Michael O'brien* Sleeping & Walking (Flood, 2007)

"work against correspondence, the
world is not a
book, everything is
not something else, you
could look it up"

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