Thursday, April 29, 2010

This weekend is the One Year Anniversary of The Deep Moat Reading Series. We'll have Lara Glenum, Sandy Florian, & Ben Kopel representing. See the invite here fore more info.


Hannah features collaborations between poets from UMass Amherst, 10 poets from University of Iowa, and 17 paintings from artists from the University of Iowa. I responded to an artists named Michael Perrone. He creates awe. See the painting above. The collaborations are now collected in book you can buy. Below is more info.

hannah (han’na) n. 1. A book of collaborations between painters at the University of Iowa & poets from the University of Iowa & University of Massachusetts Amherst Artists and Authors Included: Jeff Downey, Crystal Roethlisberger, Alan Felsenthal, Philip Miller, Genevieve Lawrence, Youngsoon Chon, Ben Estes, Douglas Degges, Brian Foley, Patrick Haas, Micah Bloom, Charity Stebbins, Chris Reno, Rawaan Alkhatib, Megan Dirks, Zach Savich, Mariah Dekkenga, Jono Tosch, David Dunlap, Amanda Nadelberg, Travis Head, Kiki Petrosino, Pete Schulte, Daniel Poppick, Michael Perrone, Cole Swensen, Mary Laube, Sarah Boyer, Ellen Siebers, Elaine Kahn, Zach Stensen, Adam Roberts, Danielle Kimzey

See what Amanda Nadelberg did with Phillip Miller.

Then buy a copy here. Enter this code FREEMAIL305 by May 1st and get free shipping.

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