Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wrecking Crew

A copy of Larry Levis' Wrecking Crew costs $50. Sometimes $92. Someone please reissue this. These early poems fit nicely somewhere between David Youngs' Sweating Out The Winter and Greogory Orrs' Gathering The Bones Together. It is a softer surrealism.


On the post
of an abandoned wharf
a sea gull settles,
fixes me with a hard star,
and grows old.

The boards move gently under my feet,
we're floating.

-Larry Levis

1 comment:

Chad Reynolds said...

Man, that's a strong Levis poem. I love the ending sentence. Especially the punction, how it runs on from "feet" to "floating," with only a gentle comma to pause it, when you think it ought to stop firmly under feet. Hope you're doing well in Amherst.