Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where Do You Work?

Tell me - where do you work?

Ghoti has published my piece Cous Cous. It fell into the poetry section again. It's not very poetic. This is more poetic and worth your time.

Noah Falck is an important American writer worth time. Your time, my time. He saw the things you didn't and he wrote the memory down in a way to seem like you'd never forgotten. That seems obtuse, but it's not. A really great book here. Follow this link to go get it. Only $7.00 and signed. I can't recommend any other poet more right now than this guy.

I've spent this summer reading books by Frederick Barthelme. I now like him more than his brother Don. His books are like furniture. You feel something for the chair that makes you feel comfortable, but don't know how to name the feeling. You prefer the piece of furniture over others pieces of furniture and like to sit there often. You could die in that piece of furniture, and that'd be okay, there are worst place to die, like a swamp, picked at by crabs, but you probably wouldn't run into your burning house to save the piece of furniture.

I have spent this summer watching The Wire. If you watched The Wire and didn't enjoy The Wire I don't think we'd enjoy talking to each other.

I had a reading in Providence with William Walsh. William got his due recently in The Providence Phoenix. One of the audience members, Lilah, wrote about our reading here. Everyone wins.

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Brooklyn said...

Really? You want to know where -I- work??

Lifestyle Family Fitness in Indianapolis. I'm a group fitness instructor.